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A real game changer.

The EnerCera battery is a completely new, compact, and thin energy storage device that combines the advantages of capacitors and lithium-ion batteries.

Harnessing energy from our everyday surroundings, this maintenance-free battery will change the conventional way we live and think about the world.

Utilizing IoT for a more comfortable, secure, and safe life.

EnerCera Everywhere

Contributing to the development of the digital society

Device charged without knowing it.
Introducing power supply solution which reduces the hassle of charging.

Achieving carbon neutrality

Introducing IoT devices which utilizes power obtained from surrounding sources such as light, vibration, and temperature differences.

Inquires for EnerCera battery

Evaluation kits are available for experiencing EnerCera battery.

Supporting a safe and comfortable life.

EnerCera battery realizes wearable sensors which fit to your body.


High power ultra thin rechargeable battery
with 0.45 mm thickness

Ultra-thin, High-heat-resistance and High-power rechargeable Li-ion batteries

Ultra-thin, High-heat-resistance and High-power rechargeable Li-ion batteries,


EnerCera Pouch / EnerCera Coin

EnerCera battery is a semi solid-state* rechargeable battery which has the unique characteristics of both Lithium-ion rechargeable battery and a capacitor.

With combining wireless power technologies (WPT) and energy harvesters, maintenance free IoT devices can be realized.

* A solid, multi-layered structure incorporating a crystal-oriented cathode active material sintered which infused with a small amount of liquid electrolyte.

Ultra-thin High capacity can be charged quickly Light weight High power Bendable High heat resistance High Reliability
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