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Ceramic technology

Bonded Wafer

NGK offers “Bonded wafer” combined with different materials. By combining the features of different materials, bonded wafer can improve the performance of electronic components such as high-frequency filters (SAW filters) for smartphones.

Bonded wafer by NGK’s proprietary technologies* can improve various characteristics of **. *Direct bonding of 2 types materials without adhesive and film-thinning of functional layer by polishing. **High-Insulation, High-Thermal Conductivity, Low-Thermal Expansion, High-Strength etc. We have started commercialization for SAW Filter Application in 2014. Our wafer has been adopted for High performance filter which is essential for 4G LTE. It is possible to achieve various combinations of materials(functional layer and base substrate).


Wide range of combinations of materials

  • Any material and crystal orientation are available.
  • When using single crystal, high physical properties and crystal orientation control are available, which is not possible by deposition

Ultra thin functional layer

  • No degradation of crystallinity due to ultra-precise thin polishing of functional layers by NGK's precision polishing technology.
  • Thickness(<1μmt) is available.
  • Tolerance(±0.1μm) is available.

Direct bonding without adhesive

  • Heat stress-free by room temperature bonding
  • High thermal resistance
  • Chemical resistance
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