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Smart Home


Solving the power supply issues for smart home sensors

Sensor/remote controller which is hybrid power supplied by energy harvesting and wireless power transfer (WPT) technology.
Realize the IoT of home appliances and will contributes to the realization of smart homes.
Sensor/remote controller for smart homes.

Solving the power supply issues for smart home sensors

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With the progress of technologies such as IoT and AI, expectations are rising for the realization of smart homes that support daily life. When IoT devices are used for doors, lighting equipment, TVs, air conditioners, cooking equipment, etc., ways to effectively power these devices are the concern. If a primary (non-rechargeable) battery is used as the power source, the sensor and battery unit will need to be installed in various places (ceiling, underfloor, embedded in furniture, etc.), which causes problems such as for battery replacement and disposal. It was difficult to find the best power source for the IoT devices to be used at smart homes.


The compact, high-capacity, high-power EnerCera battery can be charged even from the weak power obtained by various energy harvesting technologies and output the required large current to drive the sensors permanently. With an EnerCera rechargeable battery, you can achieve a maintenance-free secuirty system without worrying about battery power running out or the hassel of battery replacement. Furthermore, depending on the location where the devices are installed, you can select EnerCera Pouch type or EnerCera Coin type battery without impairing the design and functionality.

  • 1. Sensors with rechargeable batteries do not require replacement work.
  • 2. With EnerCera battery, which features small in size, high capacity, and high power, it is possible to charge even with the miniscule and intermittent power obtained from energy harvesting and wireless power supply. It can discharge large current required for wireless communication and sensor drive.
  • 3. Compact and thin sensors gives you more freedom in design
  • 4. The semi-solid-state battery EnerCera is safer than conventional lithium rechargeable batteries and is suitable for general residential use.