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Sensor device capable of high-efficiency
wireless power supply (5.7 GHz band)

Hi-efficiency microwave power supply system with optimal beam control.
Multiple sensors can be charged at same time using wireless power transfer (WPT) technology.
Smarter factory with new technology.
Failure predicting device capable with high-efficiency wireless power supply (5.7 GHz band).

Sensor device capable of high-efficiency wireless power supply

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Nowadays, predictive maintenance using IoT technology is gaining attention for efficient manufacturing and to save manpower. There is an increasing need for next-generation maintenance systems that can detect signs of deterioration or failure by sensing and quantifying, such as abnormal noise and vibration of various production equipment. However, existing sensor devices have problems such as being large in size, difficult to install on a robot arm, and difficult to secure a power source. In addition, devises using conventional batteries have low heat resistance characteristics and cannot be used in many production facilities.


EnerCera battery realizes a failure detection system that can be easily retrofitted to existing production equipment. The sensor device, which has been miniaturized by combining 5.7GHz band wireless power transfer (WPT: wireless power transfer) and EnerCera battery, can be installed at the tip of the robot arm or in a confined area. It can be pinpointed at a distance, providing enough power to function both sensing and data communication. In addition, EnerCera coin type battery can be used even in a high temperature environment of 105 degree Celsius, expanding the scene of maintenance system.

  • 1. Toshiba's technology uses optimal beam control for high-efficiency microwave power supply. By optimally controlling the feeding beam, it is possible to supply power at one time even at a remote location.
  • 2. At no larger than 20mm in diameter and 1.6mm thickness, the compact EnerCera battery series also helps to reduce the size of the device and has an output that supports sensing and data communication.
  • 3. EnerCera battery with excellent heat resistance characteristics can be used for a long period of time even in a harsh high temperature environment.