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Smart logistics

NGK Panasonic

Logistics sensor tag capable of wide-range wireless power supply

Multiple tags can be charged at same time from one transmitter which is powered by wide range power supply system using wireless power transfer (WPT) technology.
Realizes Digital Transformation (DX) of logistics scene.
Contributes to the sophistication of supply chain management.

Logistics sensor tag capable of wide-range wireless power supply using 920MHz band WPT.

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There is an increasing demand for sophisticated management of freight and cargo by introducing IoT technology, such as collecting information of location, temperature, humidity and many others. However, with the conventional logistic tags equipped with sensors and communication functions, a large amount of electricity is required to constantly monitor and log information from the time of shipment until reaching the final destination. Therefore, the primary (non-rechargeable) batteries used for conventional tags tends to become large in size. Furthermore, considerable amount of batteries are required to be replaced or discarded each time, which requires maintenance works and costs. Also it is not friendly to environment. This has been one of the bottleneck in the introduction of IoT for logistics.


EnerCera battery enables wireless power supply (WPT: wireless power transfer) to be adopted for logistics tags, which realizes maintenance-free power supply. Since electricity is always supplied by radio waves, the battery can be miniaturized and there is no need to replace the battery. The 920MHz band WPT system developed by Panasonic features the power to be transmitted from one transmitter to a large number of distribution tags simultaneously over a long distance. It is possible to supply power to every corner of a dark warehouse or to the entire cargo inside the ocean container. The EnerCera battery is indispensable for the introduction of WPT, and contributes to the digital transformation (DX) of logistics.

  • 1. Panasonic's WPT technology enables constant power supply
  • 2. The low resistance EnerCera battery can efficiently charge the weak power from wireless power supply (WPT).
  • 3. Since it is a rechargeable battery that can be recharged repeatedly, a maintenance-free device can be realized without the need for complicated and time consuming battery replacement.