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Wireless power transfer IoT device

EnerCera battery solves the "power supply issue" which can be the bottleneck for various IoT devices.
Maintenance-free IoT devices powered by wireless power transfer (WPT) technology supports smarter logistics.
Sensor devices that support the introduction of IoT at logistics and warehouses.
IoT devices for wireless logistics powered by wireless power transfer (WPT) technology.

Wireless power transfer IoT device

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The application of IoT devices for environmental management and product management are expanding in factories and warehouses. However, when installing such devices, effective method for power supply has become a problem.


By using EnerCera battery with Marubun/Ossia's Cota wireless power transfer technology, stable wireless power supply is possible even inside a dark warehouse, and maintenance-free wireless IoT device system has been built. In addition, by using the small and thin EnerCera battery, the device itself can be made smaller, and it can be installed as a sensor tag anywhere. Furthermore, due to its excellent environmental resistance characteristics, it is ideal to be used inside ocean containers where it can get hot during transit, or for cold chain and others.

  • 1. WPT technology using Marubun / Ossia's Cota technology enables power supply anywhere, such as in a dark place like warehouse.
  • 2. With the low resistance EnerCera battery, the weak power obtained from WPT can be efficiently charged, and a maintenance-free device can be realized.
  • 3. With the small and thin EnerCera battery, the sensor module can be downsized and can be installed anywhere.
  • 4. EnerCera battery has a wide operating temperature range and can be used in any environment, regardless of whether it is high or low.