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Smart logistics


Logistics logger that does not require battery replacement

Quality status of goods can be constantly monitored and recorded during transportation and storage. Abnormal detection possible in real time.
Improve the quality of transportation with smarter logistics.
Logistics logger without the need of battery replacement.

Logistics logger that does not require battery replacement

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In the logistics industry, freight and cargo are either damaged, delayed or stolen each year at a level that cannot be ignored. Improving the quality of transportation is an important and urgent issue. Using cargo sensor tag to conduct real-time tracking was considered as one of the viable solution. Compact and reliable cargo sensor tag is in need.


By combining EnerCera battery with ROHM's high efficiency power source and Lapis Technology's low-power wireless communication device, compact and thin communication logger without the need to replace batteries is realized. Since EnerCera battery can discharge power under -40 degree Celsius, this sensor tag is idea for cold chain applications such as vaccine and drug transportation.

  • 1. By combining the small but large capacity EnerCera rechargeable battery with the low power consumption wireless LSI (from Lapis Technology), we have realized a circuit which will not require battery replacement.
  • 2. Maintenance-free is possible in combination with wireless power supply and energy harvesting technology
  • 3. EnerCera battery has a wide operating temperature range and can be operated at low temperatures.