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Solar-powered indoor / outdoor position tracker

Maintenance-free, compact and thin tracking system realized by combining energy harvesting technology and low resistance, high capacity EnerCera battery.
Location information can be managed through PC/smartphone, etc.
Photovoltaic powered indoor/outdoor position tracker.

Solar-powered indoor / outdoor position tracker

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The conventional GPS trackers using primary (non-rechargeable) battery require periodic battery replacement. Also due to the size of the battery used, compactness and weight reduction of GPS trackers have always been a problem. When using a tracker as a sensor logger for logistics or as a monitoring devices for elderly people, children, and pets, there were also a demand for not only logging the acquired location information, but also constantly monitor and possibly manage it. For that purpose, there was a need for a system that could constantly acquire location information from both indoors and outdoors.


A real-time maintenance-free tracking device has been realized by combining solar cells with high power, high capacity EnerCera battery and ultra low power RE MCU from Renesas Electronics. In addition, we have realized a tracking device that can be used anywhere, by using Wi-Fi as a method of acquiring location information indoor, or installing a system that can acquire location information from GPS outdoors where Wi-Fi is not connected. By using LoRa for communication via the cloud, it is possible to constantly manage information on PCs / smartphones, etc.

  • 1. Tracking device can be miniaturized by combining small and thin EnerCera battery with ultra-low power consumption microcomputer
  • 2. By combining Wi-Fi and GPS, location information can be acquired both indoors and outdoors, and sensing data can be transmitted via LoRa communication with the high-power EnerCera battery.
  • 3. Maintenance-free is possible by combining low resistance EnerCera battery and solar cells