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Smart Agriculture

NGK Renesas Electronics

Energy harvesting combines with agricultural sensor devices to make smart agriculture a reality

Agricultural sensor device which can store power from energy harvesting sources, drive wireless data communication and can withstand harsh weather conditions.
Digital transformation of agriculture by sensing and monitoring.
Photovoltaic powered smart agricultural sensor device.

Energy harvesting combines with agricultural sensor devices to make smart agriculture a reality

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Smart agriculture that makes full use of advanced technology is considered as an effective method to achieve labor-saving and efficiency improvement, such as accurately predict crop growth and preventing disease. However, most conventional agricultural sensor devices require power cables or uses non-rechargeable batteries which caused problem in the field.


The combination of EnerCera battery, together with ultra low power RE MCU from Renesas Electronics enables minuscule and intermittent power obtained from power source, such as solar cells, to be stored effectively. High power, high capacity EnerCera battery can be used for sending data over wireless communication and for many other functions. The EnerCera battery with its wide temperature operating characteristics make it optimum choice for the power source for smart agricultural sensor devices.

  • 1. With the low resistance EnerCera battery, it is possible to realize maintenance-free since it can store weak power from energy harvesting and drive wireless data communication.
  • 2. The amount of self-discharge is small, and power can be stored for a long time. EnerCera battery realizes a sensor device that can operate stably even when the weather is bad and sufficient power is not supplied from energy harvesting.
  • 3. EnerCera battery has high environmental resistance characteristics, so the device can handle under harsh weather conditions.