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Battery maintenance free system revolutionizes air quality monitoring

Temperature resistance characteristics of the device can be used for environmental monitoring even in harsh weather conditions.
Device is driven by energy harvesting technology and can be installed anywhere.
Photovoltaic powered outdoor air quality monitoring sensor.

Battery maintenance free system revolutionizes air quality monitoring

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In order to preserve the air quality, various hazardous substances are required to be monitored. However, due to required high consumption of power with the conventional sensing system, power cables are used which limits where the system can be installed.


The combination of EnerCera battery with gas sensor and ultra low power RE MCU developed by Renesas Electronics enables to realize an energy harvesting system that can be driven with weak power obtained from solar cells. We are providing an air quality sensing system that can constantly monitor the degree of air pollution over a wide area which contributes to the conservation of the air quality.

  • 1. The low resistance EnerCera battery can efficiently charge the minuscule and intermittent power from the solar cell, making it maintenance-free device.
  • 2. The self-discharge value is smaller than that of a capacitor, and the stored power can be stored for a long period of time.
  • 3. High environmental resistance characteristics of EnerCera battery makes it possible to place the device in harsh weather condition areas.
  • 4. Long life and reduce maintenance effort