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Unobtrusive smart patch revolutionizes monitoring and diagnosis

Vital sensor which can be easily fit to the body and not noticeable when worn.
Thin design and wireless type
Flexible wearable medical patch

Unobtrusive smart patch revolutionizes monitoring and diagnosis

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The COVID-19 patients are encouraged to monitor vital data to capture changes in symptoms. However, with the conventional methods, there were concern that each measurement would place a burden to the patients as well as increase the risk of secondary infection among healthcare professionals. Under these circumstances, demand for medical patches that can remotely monitor conditions without causing any discomfort to the patients or threaten the safety of healthcare professionals were in need.


By using an ultra-compact, 0.45mm thickness EnerCera pouch type battery, which has the bending resistance of 5,000 times or more, it was possible to create a medical patch that fits the patients' body to remotely monitor and manage vital data. With the high power characteristics of EnerCera battery, collected data can be transmitted by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The medical patch using rechargeable EnerCera battery can be used repeatedly and will reduce burden on the environment.

  • 1. Ultra-compact and thin with a thickness of only 0.45 mm, and has bending resistance, making it ideal as a power source for wearable medical patches.
  • 2. EnerCera Pouch battery has high output and can drive BLE etc.
  • 3. Devices are reusable because it uses battery that can be recharged repeatedly