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Evaluation board

Ultra-high efficiency energy storage unit

It is necessary to design a power supply circuit that can output stable power by combining appropriate voltage converter ICs when EnerCera batteries are used as a power source for IoT devices.
To make it easier to test EnerCera, we have evaluation boards for a variety of purposes.
If you would like to replace the batteries of existing IoT devices with EnerCera and evaluate their performance, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

For those who are looking for an ultra-high-efficiency IoT power supply with low standby power consumption.

It is the evaluation board that mounts EnerCera pouch and power supply ICs equipped with ROHM's ultra-low power consumption technology "Nano Energy".
By combining the EnerCera battery, which is small, thin, yet has high capacity and high output power, with a power supply ICs with ultra-low standby current of 180nA, it realizes IoT devices that is driven by even minute power generated by energy harvesting and wireless power transfer (WPT) technologies.
The high-efficiency discharge of large current from EnerCera provides enough power to drive sensors and wireless communications in IoT devices.